Other Activities

  • MoUs with National and State Higher Educational Institutions/Universities. :- Academic, theoretical and practical knowledge, experience, with 04 national level institutes and 02 universities and 11 state level universities. MoU with the objective of better utilization of human resources in the interest of the State has been done.


  • The taskforce has been constituted on 14 relevant subjects to suggest measures for balanced development of all the areas of the state. In the task force and working groups, eminent subject experts of the country and the state, representatives of organizations working in the social sector as members, and nominated officers from the concerned departments have also been included as conveners.


  • Proposals for developmental research and studies are invited from teachers, students/researchers of educational institutions, and government/private institutions on relevant and development-oriented subjects for the state. Detailed guidelines in this regard. Website of State Planning Commission www.spc.cg.gov.in can be seen on In the financial year 2020-21, 16 research/study proposals related to various subjects have been approved.


  • Chhattisgarh SDG Indicators Framework has been prepared by the State Planning Commission to monitor the progress of the Sustainable Development Goals in the state. On the basis of which the S.D.G. Aims and targets related to the 2015-16 baseline report and 2019-20 progress report have also been published. the development of the state to SDG Accordingly, it will help in making it effective in the public interest.


  • In order to encourage the possibilities of innovation and entrepreneurship development in the state and to protect the intellectual property of the innovators, the direction for innovation and entrepreneurship development in the state from the order number 1674/SS/Raioa/2020 Nava Raipur dated 08/12/2020 by the Commission - Instruction has been prepared Which can be seen on the above website of the Commission.


  • At the same time, the State Planning Commission organizes brainstorming/workshops on various topics related to the development and up gradation of the State and also gives recommendations to the State Government. Many recommendations of the state have been helpful in starting the schemes of the state government.


  • Under the strengthening of district planning, necessary technical support and training are provided to the district planning committees of all the districts for preparing the annual development plan of the district.
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